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Analog Gallery by Camera  / גלריית צילום אנלוגי

החזרה של הפילם לזירת הצילום החובבנית והמקצועית גרמה לי לרצון עז לשתף בצילומים האנלוגיים שלי. בגלריה זו תוכלו למצוא אוסף עשיר של צילומים שבוצעו על גבי פילם בפורמטים בינוניים שונים והן בפורמט גדול 4/5" . הצילומים מסודרים בגלריות לפי מצלמה או לפי סוג של סרטי צילום בהם השתמשתי.
ניתן לקבל ייעוץ והדרכה פרטית בכל נושא הקשור בצילום אנלוגי וכן שירותי פיתוח סרט מקצועיים וסריקה באיכות גבוהה

0034  PLA.jpg

Fujifilm GX680 lll 

The Fujifilm GX680 lll is the latest version of Fuji's medium format line. It is important to know that this camera is a studio camera and is useable only on a massive tripod.

The GX680 line of camera is, in my opinion, the best medium format camera ever made. The camera and the lens line of Fujinon GX ,M,D series are of a quality never seen before in the medium format market.

Looking at the viewfinder you can see the picture you are about to take in an accurate and pin sharp preview. This helps to compose and focus perfectly.

I use the GX680 lll when I need tilt/shift adjustments and the GX680 lllS when I work regularly. I use the camera as 6X7 format most of the time and 6X8 format when I want to have a bigger negative. I would really like to have the 6X6 adapter for the camera. These are so rare that I couldn't  find one until now.

The lenses I use: 
Fujinon GXM 80mmF/5.6
Fujinon GXM 100mmF/4
Fujinon GXD 125mmF/3.2
Fujinon GXM 125mmF/5.6
Fujinon GXM 150mmF/4.5
Fujinon GXM 180mmF/5.6
Fujinon GXM 210mmF/5.6
Fujinon GXM 250mmF/5.6
Fujinon GXM 190mmF/8 Soft Focus

T 1.jpg

Bronica SQ-B 6X6

The Bronica SQ-B 6X6 format camera is the latest camera produced by Bronica. The PS lens line coming with the camera was made by Tamron and are of very high quality.

I use my Bronica a lot. It is especially good for black and white film work. I get amazing contrast and sharpness with these lenses.

I use the camera with the hand grip. This combo makes the Bronica SQ-B comfortable for hand held work and I rarely find myself putting the camera on a tripod.

The Bronica SQ-B is easy to shoot with. It is a responsive camera and a very reliable one. I use my Bronica with four lenses:

PS 80mmF/2./8 , PS 110mmF/4 Macro,
PS 135mmF/4 , PS 50mmF/3.5


All lenses are of exceptional quality and give me beautiful photos.


0013 PLA.jpg

Mamiya RB67 Pro SD

The Mamiya RB67 Pro SD is the latest of the mechanical 6X7 line by Mamiya and it is also the best.

This camera is a work horse. I own my camera and lenses since 1993 and I did most of my pro' work with it. I still use my RB today with perfect results. 

The Mamiya optics are amazing. Very sharp and have a wonderful color rendition. But the K/L and Z series of lenses have a separation problem after 25-30 years of use. This means that most Mamiya lenses on the 2nd hand market today are not useable. If you want to purchase a Mamiya set you have to look for the older lenses, Sekor C and Sekor NB. These are still great lenses to this day.

Mamiya is the most popular among professional studio photographers due to its reliability, optics and perfect format ratio which complies with magazine work.

The focusing mechanism of the Mamiya allows you to focus with every lens from infinity to close focus without any adapters.

3152  PLA.jpg

Rolleiflex 6008 integral

I own my Rollei for a very short time.

I really love the optical signature of this system. I hope to use this system much more.

After a year of shooting with this system I can say that I recommend you to avoid baying this camera. The lenses are of very good quality and as I already said I really like the optical signature but the camera has many functioning problems. mainly because of battery problems.

I avoid using the Rolleiflex for critical and professional work and I use it on occasions when I do not have to worry about failure. 

All said about Rolleiflex 6008 Integral a reflex camera by Rollei .

Not the Rolleiflex TLR F/2.8 or F/3.5

S1-003 PLA.jpg

Hasselblad 503CW

Hasselblad is the most popular camera system in the medium format world.

I use this camera rarely. I think the V series of Hasselblad is very old and of poor quality and technology. There are much better medium format cameras which are cheaper. Buy a Mamiya.

Because of the very poor quality of the focusing screen I use my 503CW only outdoors. The Zeiss lenses are exceptionally good they are among the best lenses ever made and have high market demand. I use two lenses:

Zeiss CF Planar 100mmF/3.5
Zeiss CF Planar 150mmF/4


0002 plA2.jpg

Mamiya RZ67 Pro ll

If you want to know about the Mamiya RZ67 Pro ll just look at works of photographers like Vincent Peters, Martin Schoeller, Annie Lebovitz.

It is my most loved, most used tool of choice along with the RB67. 

Please pay attention !
Meny of second hand Mamiya lenses at focal length 110mm-250mm have a seperation problem. Two rear elements of these lenses are glued together and with time (20-30 years) the glue loses its properteis and thus fog and seperation kill
the lens. So pay great attention to this problem if you plan on going into Mamiya system.

Important to know. When using major brands of medium format cameras , all cameras and lenses are of very high quality. In terms of sharpness, color rendition etc. All the optics are well built and give beautiful results.  What is most important for me as a photographer is the "optical signature" of the lens. Meaning, what atmosphere and character the lens conveys to the viewer. In my eyes this feature of the lens is most important when I choose the camera/lens combination to work with on any shoot or project.   

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